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  • Full Name:Bryn Pickering
  • Email:b...@cam.ac.uk
  • Address:Darwin College, Cambridge, CB3 9EU

Hello There!

I'm a PhD candidate within the Future Infrastructure and Built Environment Centre for Doctoral Training (FIBE-CDT) at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering.

My research looks at the way computational optimisation is used to plan district energy systems. My interests are in accounting for input uncertainty and the application of methods to urban areas of India. As part of my work, I am a developer of the open energy systems model Calliope.

Beyond my research, I am a data analytics and visualisation consultant, member of the University of Cambridge Postgraduate Outreach Scheme, proud allotment holder, and part of the organising team for the Lake District's best obstacle course race Race The Tide.

If you'd like to get in touch then send me a message via my contact form.


My thoughts

My blog posts range from data visualisation to thrifty traveling, University outreach, carbon footprinting, and gardening.

Sep. 13th 2017

Coming soon

There's nothing here yet, but just wait until my blog-creating juices are flowing!


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